Diagnostic Procedures

Diagnostic procedures with fluoroscopy guidance:

  1. Selective Nerve Root Injections:
    These diagnostic injections help identify and treat the source of pain. During the procedure, roots of the specific nerves are numbed temporarily. If this results in relief of the pain, it may indicate the source of the pain.
  2. Selective Epidural Nerve Blocks:
    Epidural nerve blocks are used to find the source of neck and back pain and to relieve pain and soreness in your cervical or lumbar regions of your spine.
  3. Facet Injections:
    Facet injections or blocks are administered to patients who are experiencing pain on either side of the vertebrae in their spine. Each vertebrae in a person’s back and neck have flat surfaces that touch where the vertebrae fit together. These are called facet joints. These joints can become inflamed and cause pain. During a facet block, medication is injected into these joints to reduce inflammation and swelling, thereby, relieving pain.
  4. Discogram Procedures Performed with Ultra-Sound:
    A discogram is a test used to evaluate back pain.  It helps your doctor determine whether or not an abnormal disc in your spine is causing pain.  During a Discogram, dye is injected into the center of the suspected disc.  The dye then moves into any abnormal cracks in the exterior disc wall, which shows up under x-ray, indicating what may be a problem.


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